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Individual Training

1. International professional certificates preparation programs

         These programs are designed to help candidate to fully understand all professional aspects covered by international certificate in addition to provide him/her with all needed practicing to be familiar with international exam methodology that help candidate to pass the exam from first time.

  • Certified Professional Health care Quality (CPHQ).
  • Certified professional HR (PHR).
  • Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP).
  • Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP).
  • Certified professional Infection Control (CPIC).
  • Certified professional Supply Chain (CPSC).


2. Raising capabilities training programs

These programs are designed to help candidate to close the gap between his/her capabilities and real capabilities required by work field in all Arab countries, and even European countries.

QIC depends on the best practiced job descriptions for all levels of jobs to identify needed knowledge, skills, experiences needed by individual to be competent for the job.

Preparing individuals to be capable in the following jobs are covered under this type of training program:


  • Quality field jobs
    • Quality Assurance Officer
    • Quality Assurance manager
    • Quality Inspector
    • Quality Control officer
    • Quality Control manager
    • Quality Director


  • Human Resources field jobs:
    • Human Resource Specialist
    • Personnel Specialist
    • Personnel Manager
    • Human Resource Director


  • Marketing field jobs:
    • Marketing Research specialist
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Marketing Director


  • Sales field jobs:
    • Sales Representative
    • Sales Team Leader
    • Sales Supervisor
    • Sales Director


  • Public relations field jobs:
    • Public relation specialist
    • Public relation Director


3. Professional Programs

theses programs which is including variety of topics that provide our clients with much more flexibility to choose between them to cover any gab in his/professional experience.


  • Leadership Skills
  • Fact based Decision making process.
  • Communication skills.
  • Highly Efficient Time Manager.
  • Team Building skills.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Motivation skills.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Selling skills.
  • Training of trainers.
  • Crisis management.


4. International Licenses

  • International Management Driving  Licenses – level A (IMDL – Junior)
  • International Management Driving  Licenses – level b (IMDL-Intermediate)
  • International Management Driving  Licenses – level c (IMDL-Advanced)
  • International Accounting Driving  Licenses
  • International Marketing Driving  Licenses
  • International Project Management  Driving  Licenses
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