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Business Development Consultancy

Business development in the broader sense is a skill and function that can be overlooked. This typically involves taking a step back and looking for useful connections and opportunities. Such opportunities may not fit within an existing department or remit but can deliver significant value.

Business Development refers to the practice of helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.

The goal of any business is to increase its profits. An expert outside perspective is needed to analyze and identify the problems and offer a solution based on the experience.

With Quality Innovation Center, you get the experience and expertise you need from inside industry, the best tools and confidence of working with advisors trusted by a wide range of successful market concerns.


  • Strategic Management
    • Strategic Planning
    • Audit of Key Performance Indicators
    • Management of Change
    • Performance Measurement and the Balanced ScoreBusinesscard


  • Performance Management
    • Performance Management Systems
    • Competency-Based Performance Systems
    • Performance-Based Reward Systems
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